Thunder Over Louisville


Saturday, April 21, 2018

Air Show: 3:00pm     Fireworks:9:30pm



Ashland Park - Riverside Drive

Clarksville, IN 47129

Event Area & Road Closures




11:00am - Anyone in the event area (Riverside Drive) who is not associated with the Derby Festival, security, or setup crews and does not have the proper credentials or permits will be instructed to leave.


The following roads will be closed until the conclusion of the event:

          -Riverside Drive @ Woerner Avenue

          -South Sherwood @ Winbourne Avenue

          -Smyser Avenue @ Flood Wall


12:00 Midnight - Clarksville Town Ordinances regarding parking on Riverside Drive will be enforced.  All unauthorized vehicles will be towed.  Tents or other erected structures will not be allowed in the event area.  Anyone attempting to erect a structure will be instructed to remove them.




6:00am - The following roads will be CLOSED:

          -South Clark @ Winbourne

          -South Clark @ Beckett

          -South Clark @ Sherwood

          -Montgomery @ Virginia

          -Montgomery @ Sherwood

          -Riverside @ Woerner

          -Marriott @ Montgomery (to 9th stree)

          -Harrison @ Bailey

          -Winbourne @ Riverside

          -Emery Crossing @ Summerplace

          -South Sherwood @ Riverside (floodwall)


10:00am - The following roads will be CLOSED:

          -South Clark @ Woerner

          (Residents & Businesses Only - Permit Required)


2:00pm - The following roads will be CLOSED:

          -South Clark @ Montgomery

          (Residents, VIP Area, Handicapped - Permit Required)


4:00pm - The following roads will be CLOSED:

          -Smyser @ Floodwall


When Necessary - The following roads will be CLOSED:

          -North Clark @ Brown Station Way

          -Lewis & Clark @ Brown Station Way

          -Emery Crossing @ McCollough Pike

General Info & Rules

By the Authority of the Clarksville Police Department


The "EVENT AREA" is the area starting at Woerner Avenue and Riverside Drive, and extending west along Riverside Drive and ending at the Falls of the Ohio Interpretive Center.  This also includes the public park areas, flood walls, parking lots, and roads.


In order to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone, the following rules will be STRICTLY ENFORCED in the "EVENT AREA":


No Alcohol

No Animals

No Bicycles

No Motorcycles

No Mopeds

No Skateboards

No Roller Skates/Blades

No Unauthorized Golf Carts

No Glass Objects

No Grills

No Tents or Structures

No Roping Off of Any Areas


No Service Animals without written permission from the Clarksville Chief of Police.  Must be requested 24 hours before the start of the event.  If granted, the PASS must be carried by the person using the animal.



NOTICE: All bags, backpacks, purses, coolers, and other similar items are subject to search in the event area.


All Indiana State Laws and Clarksville Town Ordinances will be enforced, to include the use of alcohol, drugs, disorderly conduct, or any other means of distracting from the enjoyment of the event for the general public.


The Clarksville Police Department would like for everyone to have an enjoyable time while visiting our great Town!  If you have any questions, please stop and ask an officer in the event area, or contact the Clarksville Police Department at (812) 288-7151.